Why choose our aeration systems
  • Pond aeration will minimize odor and fish kill
  • Significantly improve the performance of beneficial bacteria
  • Productive beneficial bacteria will reduce organic nutrients that cause cloudy water, muck buildup, and undesirable growth
  • Improve fisheries by expanding oxygenated habitat
  • Increase oxygen levels throughout water column using aeration systems
  • Diffuser design produces highly desirable micro-bubbles
  • Pond aerator systems are designed and built to meet your needs

Pond Aerators, Pumps, & Accessories

Pond Aeration: Where Do You Start?

Step 1: Install a Proper Pond Aeration System In Your Pond

Installing a proper pond aeration system is the single most important action you can take to improve the health of your pond. It is that important! Your pond is a living, breathing environment. Oxygen levels determine what will survive in your pond and what will not. Yet, choosing a proper pond aerator pump or a complete pond aeration cabinet system can be difficult and as the old Valvoline commercial would say, "motor oil is not motor oil", not all pond aeration systems are equal nor is design of application. Just because a pond aerator pump produces bubbles, that does not mean you are getting proper dissolved oxygen throughout the entire water column. You need to ensure you have a proper pond aerator or pond aeration system, a diffuser that produces micro-bubbles and in high volumes, and sized to achieve your goal. There is much to consider before deciding on size, design, and the resulting performance of a pond aeration system.

A pond is a living thing and what you decide to do or not to do with aeration will drive the future health of your pond.

Step 2: Understand The Possibilities Of Pond Aeration

Consult with Aeration Central, Inc. if you need even a little assistance to understand what are your pond’s possibilities with a proper pond aeration system or proper pond aerator pump and what should be your expectations for the aeration system design. While aerating alone does not solve everything, it is where you begin the journey and is the foundation for everything you do moving forward.

We Are Here To Help

If you need assistance determining what pond aerator pump or pond aeration system best fits your situation, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with the design of your pond aeration system. We would quote you the appropriate pond aeration system and include an aerial view drawing of your pond showing where to place the pond aerator pump, weighted hose, and diffusers. We provide this service at no charge.

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