Linear Aeration Pumps for Pond

Linear Aeration Pumps for Small Ponds

Linear Aeration PumpsAeration Central's linear diaphragm pumps are private-labeled pumps with forward thinking technology that's been a part of the aquatic environment for numerous decades. Our linear pumps have been built upon the pillars of precision manufacturing and innovative engineering.

  • Safety Power Disconnect

    Our linear aeration pumps have an integral safety switch mechanism, which cuts power to the pump to keep internal components protected in the event of a diaphragm rupture.
  • Easy Maintenance

    The linear diaphragm pump design allows for quick and inexpensive maintenance by simply installing a new set of diaphragms.
  • Oil Free

    These pumps are oil and lubricate-free, eliminating any concern of contamination.
  • Low Power Consumption

    The power consumption of our linear product line is extremely efficient. The majority of our pond and aquatic pumps consume less energy than the standard light bulb.