pond aeration system

Pond Aeration Systems

Aeration Central's pond aeration systems are developed, designed, and assembled by us to perform well beyond the industry's typical pond aeration system expectations. We took the time to research cabinet design, diffuser design, aerator design, and overall performance of all combined parts. The results of our efforts have put us at the forefront of pond aeration system and diffuser design, performance, and ultimately completing the task of a properly aerated pond.

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Long, Durable Life

The outdoor pond aerator system design focuses on complete cabinet ventilation to prevent pond aerator pumps from operating at temperatures that will shorten the aerator's life. The size and number of vents are designed to match a specific volume of air discharge coming from an industrial-grade exhaust fan to keep the aerator's temperature at appropriate levels.

Increased Air Output

The rocking piston aerator pumps are specifically designed to increase air output. The pond aerator pump's design allows for easy maintenance. Aerator pumps are rubber mounted to minimize vibration and are positioned in the aeration cabinet to maximize the performance of your pond aeration cabinet design.

Quality Parts

The aeration system's final touches include an anodized manifold, chrome-plated mini-ball valves, a bronze pressure release valve, and high-temperature airlines.

Why Pond Aeration Systems Are Important

A lack of dissolved oxygen in a large pond causes anaerobic bacteria and filamentous algae to proliferate. These microorganisms make your pond water cloudy or cause the water to take on the unpopular “pea soup” look. The algae filaments create a muck that floats on top of the pond. This chokes out the beneficial organisms, fish, and plants. A proper pond aeration system maintains the right oxygen level and keeps the environment healthy.

How Pond Aeration Systems Improve Pond Health and Quality

Pond aeration systems add dissolved oxygen to the water. They do this with filters, fountains, and pumps. When there's more dissolved oxygen in your pond, there will be fewer weeds and mats of algae. There's also a lower risk of an unwanted pond water turnover. Your pond is less likely to freeze over when it's properly aerated. If there are fish in your pond, they will be healthier, grow more vigorously, and live a longer, happier life when they have the right amount of oxygen to absorb through their gills.

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