Algaecide for Ponds

Despite our best efforts, pond water often develops an algae problem. Excess nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizer used on yards and farms fuel the growth of black algae and other types of filamentous algae that choke out fish and beneficial microorganisms.

When you need to kill algae as part of your routine pond maintenance, it's important to know how to do it safely. Read on to learn about algaecide and how it prevents the bad types of algae from growing and keeps the good types of algae under control.

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What Algaecide Is

Algaecide is a chemical that kills algae. It gets rid of the good algae and the bad algae in your pond water. Even if all you have is good algae, too much of it can be a problem. Think of algaecide as an antibiotic. It gets rid of the bad bacteria making you sick. However, it also kills the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Algaecide works in a similar way when it comes to algae.

How Algaecide Is Used to Improve Pond Health

An algaecide kills algae. It gets rid of the free-swimming algae that can make your pond water look like pea soup. It also kills the stringy algae that stick to rocks and your filter. You add the algaecide to the water. It's best to use algaecide with other methods, such as activated carbon and skimming of the pond's bottom.

Benefits of Using Algaecide in a Fish Pond

A powder or liquid algaecide works quickly to clear up the water in your pond. However, it can also quickly kill the plants in your pond. The oxygen in your pond water will plummet as the algae die. An overdose of algaecide could also kill your fish, too. If you choose to use algaecide, follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly.

Follow the old adage of "measure twice, cut once." Calculate the right amount of algaecide for the volume of your pond water. Then have a mathematically-inclined friend or professional check your work. When you use an algaecide, it can also help to install a fountain or aerator in your pond. It replaces the oxygen that is lost from the death of the algae, creating the perfect environment for any plants and fish you want to keep around and healthy.

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