Beneficial Pond Bacteria | Cold Water Blend | Treats 500,000 Gallons

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Designed for binding phosphates, removing suspended organic material from the water column, and eliminating muck in ponds. Get rid of muck forever and control the causes of most pond problems using beneficial bacteria!

Do not assume beneficial bacteria products are relatively the same because they are not - not even close. Aeration Central's Cold Water Blend is a premier beneficial bacteria. This formula and blend has been tested extensively and is another example of our goal of constant evaluation of our products and how we can improve them while still making them affordable to the consumer.    

Our Cold Water Blend of beneficial bacteria is designed for binding phosphates, removing suspended organic material from the water column, and eliminating muck in ponds. Specifically, our bacteria binds with phosphates and limits it's availability as a food source for undesirable growth, will clear up cloudy water caused by organic material, and restore your pond to a like-new condition.

Recommended application rate:

  • One bag treats 500,000 gallons of water. Adjust amount of product based on water volume.
  • Apply monthly for desired results.
  • One bag per month, per 1,000,000 gallons of water, for less aggressive approach.
  • Reduction in product volume is suggested once conditions improve and you change strategies from improving your pond's health to a maintenance stage.  

The Cold Water Blend works best with water temperatures between 32 - 54 degrees. Keep in mind, proper aeration is critical. Any beneficial bacteria performance results are greatly reduced without proper aeration

Safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, and irrigation.

Need help determining what is your best approach? Give us a call or Contact Us. We will gladly talk it through. 


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Beneficial Bacteria - 8,200 sf Michigan Pond
Written by Trent on Mar 24th 2023

I have been using both the cold water and warm water beneficial bacteria in my 8,200 s.f. Southwest Michigan pond for three years now with excellent results. I appreciate having a highly effective, natural, option to prevent the algae problem I found myself in a constant battle with when previously attempting to treat the issue with copper sulfate based options. The combination of the great aeration pump, beneficial bacteria, and UV dye continues to maintain a beautiful, much lower maintenance pond to enjoy. Thank you Darrell!

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