Pond Aerator | 1/2 HP Pump | Pond Aeration Cabinet System | 5 Diffusers | 500' of Weighted Hose

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size: 17.00 W × 15.00 H × 21.00 L

This pond aerator system can properly aerate up to a 3 acre pond depending on depth and location of diffusers.

Pond aeration cabinet system comes ready for use. Hook up diffuser airlines to pond aerator airlines and plug it in! Comes with a powerful 1/2 HP double-piston aeration pump, industrial grade exhaust fan designed to deal with extreme heat and moisture, and an easy disconnect manifold.

Excellent pond aerator pump:

  • Pond Aerator Industry Best - Three Year Warranty!
  • Designed to run 24/7
  • Oil-less, non-lube piston and cylinder
  • Piston cylinder is hard coated for wear resistance
  • Piston head design allows for easy replacement of piston seal for routine maintenance
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Pond aerator balanced for smooth, low vibration operation
  • Safety Protected

The pond aeration system includes an easy disconnect manifold assembly with five 3/8" ball valves and a pressure relief valve to protect your aerator pump. Just hook up your diffuser to the aeration system and plug it in.

  • Powder-coated cabinet
  • 115-volt system
  • Air filter assembly to protect aerator from debris
  • Pre-set pressure relief valve to protect pond aerator pump from being overworked
  • 6 ft. power cord
  • Locking latch
  • High performance cooling fan to keep pond aerator from overheating

Top of the line diffuser - Aeration Central's Diffuser enclosed airline system

  • Diffuser base is a 16" molded, enclosed system
  • The 12" diffuser head, with a compound formulation and molding technique, ensures the diffuser membrane maintains its physical properties over a long period of time
  • High performance synthetic rubber membrane designed to resist tearing and retain shape even after years of continuous or cyclical use
  • Teflon coated rubber membrane to limit build up on diffuser, eliminating the need to pull diffuser and clean surface to maintain performance
  • The diffuser base has a large opening for easy filling
  • Molded installation holes for strings for easy placement of diffuser
  • Diffuser produces highly desirable micro bubbles, which maximizes water movement
  • Comes with barbed 1/2" PVC fitting for hose and hose clamp

Weighted hose

  • Heavy duty, high quality, durable weighted hose
  • Weighted hose has an inside diameter of 1/2" and outside diameter of 1"
  • Sinks and remains in place
  • Holds up to UV rays, heat, and cold
  • Withstands heavy traffic
  • Hose connectors and clamps included

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Installation services available in certain locations. 

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